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  • Fixes an issue running some Dagstermill notebooks on Windows.
  • Fixes a transitive dependency issue with Airflow.
  • Bugfixes, performance improvements, and better documentation.


  • Fixed an issue with specifying composite output mappings (#1674)
  • Added support for specifying Dask worker resources (#1679)
  • Fixed an issue with launching Dagit on Windows


  • Execution details are now configurable. The new top-level ExecutorDefinition and @executor APIs are used to define in-process, multiprocess, and Dask executors, and may be used by users to define new executors. Like loggers and storage, executors may be added to a ModeDefinition and may be selected and configured through the execution field in the environment dict or YAML, including through Dagit. Executors may no longer be configured through the RunConfig.
  • The API of dagster-dask has changed. Pipelines are now executed on Dask using the ordinary execute_pipeline API, and the Dask executor is configured through the environment. (See the dagster-dask README for details.)
  • Added the PresetDefinition.from_files API for constructing a preset from a list of environment files (replacing the old usage of this class). PresetDefinition may now be directly instantiated with an environment dict.
  • Added a prototype integration with dbt.
  • Added a prototype integration with Great Expectations.
  • Added a prototype integration with Papertrail.
  • Added the dagster-bash library.
  • Added the dagster-ssh library.
  • Added the dagster-sftp library.
  • Loosened the PyYAML compatibility requirement.
  • The dagster CLI no longer takes a --raise-on-error or --no-raise-on-error flag. Set this option in executor config.
  • Added a MarkdownMetadataEntryData class, so events yielded from client code may now render markdown in their metadata.
  • Bug fixes, documentation improvements, and improvements to error display.


  • Dagit now accepts parameters via environment variables prefixed with DAGIT_, e.g. DAGIT_PORT.
  • Fixes an issue with reexecuting Dagstermill notebooks from Dagit.
  • Bug fixes and display improvments in Dagit.


  • Reworked the display of structured log information and system events in Dagit, including support for structured rendering of client-provided event metadata.
  • Dagster now generates events when intermediates are written to filesystem and S3 storage, and these events are displayed in Dagit and exposed in the GraphQL API.
  • Whitespace display styling in Dagit can now be toggled on and off.
  • Bug fixes, display nits and improvements, and improvements to JS build process, including better display for some classes of errors in Dagit and improvements to the config editor in Dagit.