Dagster is a a data orchestrator. Learn what Dagster is all about on our homepage or in the Tutorial.

Installing Dagster#

To install Dagster and Dagit into an existing Python environment, run:

pip install dagster dagit

This will install the latest stable version of the core Dagster packages in your current Python environment.

Python Version and Environment#

Dagster requires Python 3.6+. It is tested on Python 3.9, 3.8, 3.7, and 3.6.

To check that Python and the pip package manager are already installed in your environment, you can run:

python --version
pip --version

We strongly recommend installing Dagster inside a Python virtualenv. If you are running Anaconda, you should install Dagster inside a Conda environment.

If you would like to install Dagster from source, please see the section on Contributing.