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Snowflake & Dagster#

Using Dagster's asset definitions and a Snowflake resource or I/O manager, you can easily interact with Snowflake tables alongside other Dagster assets.

Managing your Snowflake tables with Dagster enables you to:

  • Use Python to analyze your data stored in Snowflake without writing custom SQL queries to fetch the data
  • Visualize the data dependencies between tables
  • Selectively update the contents of your tables
  • Integrate your Snowflake tables with other tools in your data stack

Snowflake and Dagster tutorial#

Dagster's Snowflake integration provides two ways of interacting with Snowflake tables:

  • Resources, which allow you to directly run SQL queries against tables within an asset's compute function
  • I/O managers, which transfer the responsibility of storing and loading DataFrames as Snowflake tables to Dagster

By the end of each guide, you will have a working connection to your Snowflake instance and assets that create tables in Snowflake or read from existing tables in Snowflake. Use the links below to get started!

Not sure which approach to choose? Refer to When to use I/O managers for guidance.