Getting started with Dagster Cloud#

This guide is applicable to Dagster Cloud.

Welcome to Dagster Cloud!

Ready to get started? The steps for doing so vary a bit depending on your deployment type - check out the following sections for more info and links to resources.

Serverless Deployments#

Serverless Deployment is a fully-managed version of Dagster Cloud that allows you to run your Dagster jobs without spinning up any infrastructure. While Serverless is the easiest way to get started with Dagster, this deployment type works best with jobs that aren't computationally expensive.

Check out the Getting started with Serverless guide to get up and running.

Hybrid Deployments#

With a Hybrid Deployment, your Dagster code is executed in your infrastructure and requires setting up an agent for use with Dagster Cloud. The agent runs in your infrastructure, executes your code, and streams metadata about code execution over HTTPS back to Dagster Cloud.

Check out the Getting started with Hybrid guide to get up and running.

Environment variables and secrets#

Once you're up and running with a Serverless or Hybrid deployment, the next step is (probably) setting up connections to external services in your Dagster code. Check out the Environment variables and secrets in Dagster Cloud guide to learn how to use environment variables to securely pass secrets in Dagster.