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Dagster Cloud#

Dagster Cloud provides robust, managed infrastructure, elegant CI/CD capability, and multiple deployment options to suit your needs.

Getting started#

Learn how to set up your Dagster Cloud account! Check out the Getting started guide for everything you need to get up and running.

Understanding deployment types#

Dagster Cloud currently offers two deployment options to meet your needs: Serverless and Hybrid. Learn about your options and how to manage your selection in Dagster Cloud.

Managing Hybrid Deployment agents#

Hybrid Deployments use an agent that is responsible for executing your code. Learn how to spin up and maintain an agent in your infrastructure.

Managing organization settings#

Managing authentication and users#

Learn how to manage users and permissions in Dagster Cloud. You can secure your account using our out-of-the-box support for Google and GitHub SSO, or take full control with SAML SSO.

Managing deployments#

Learn how to deploy your code to Dagster Cloud, use command line tools, set up CI/CD, and define environment variables.


Environment variables and secrets#

Branch deployments#