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Dagster+ alerts#

This guide is applicable to Dagster+.

Using Dagster+'s built-in alerting system, you can stay in the loop on the events occurring in your deployment. Dagster+ alerts integrate with several popular services, allowing you to deliver notifications when and where they're most needed.

How it works#

Alerts are created using alert policies. An alert policy defines the conditions that will trigger an alert and how the alert will be sent. For example, you can create a policy that sends an alert to a Slack channel when any asset in a specific asset group fails to materialize.

Alert policies are configured on a per-deployment basis. This means, for example, that asset alerts configured in a prod deployment are only applicable to assets in that deployment.

Alert policy types#

Policy typeHow it works
Asset alertTriggers on:
  • Asset materializations - Failure or success
  • Asset checks - Error, warn, passed, or failure to execute. Note: By default, asset checks that fail will have a severity of WARN.
Alerts can be scoped to asset groups or specific asset keys. Asset check alerts are sent for any checks on those assets. If using Dagster+ Pro, this type of alert also allows you to send alerts to asset owners.

Note: External assets do not trigger asset alerts.
Run alertTriggers on job run success, failure, or time limit exceeded; may optionally include a set of configured tags. If an alert policy has no configured tags, all jobs will be eligible for that alert. Otherwise, only jobs that contain all the tags for a given alert policy are eligible for that alert.
Each newly created organization starts with a long-running run alert policy, which sends an email to the email address used to create the organization when a job run exceeds 24 hours.
Schedule/Sensor alertTriggers when a schedule or sensor tick failure occurs for any schedule or sensor in the deployment. Note: Alerts are sent only when the schedule/sensor changes from success to failure, so subsequent failures won't trigger new alerts.
Code location error alertTriggers when a code location fails to load due to an error.
Agent downtime alertTriggers when a Hybrid agent hasn't heartbeated within the last five minutes. Available for Hybrid deployments only.
Insights metric alert
Sends a notification when a Dagster+ Insights metric exceeds or falls below a specified threshold over a specified time window. This can be used to alert on:
  • Dagster credit usage across a deployment or for a specific job
  • Performance regressions on asset or job runtime
  • Spend on external tools such as Snowflake or BigQuery credits
Alerts can be scoped to the sum of any metric across an entire deployment, or for a specific job, asset group, or asset key.

Note: Alerts are sent only when the threshold is first crossed, and will not be sent again until the value returns to expected levels. Insights data may become available up to 24 hours after run completion.
Credit budget alert (self-serve plans only)
This feature is currently only available for Dagster+ self-serve plans (Solo and Starter). Sends a notification when your organization has reached the monthly credit limit.
Each newly created organization starts with an alert policy of this type, directed at the email address used to create the organization.

Supported notification services#

Dagster+ can send notifications via:

Managing alert policies#

Managing alert policies can be accomplished by using: