This section contains examples of how to use Dagster. All examples can be found on Github.

Airflow IngestCreate a pipeline from an Airflow DAGOpen
Airline DemoA comprehensive demo to showcase Dagster and Dagit capabilitiesOpen
Asset MaterializationRecord that a solid materialized an assetOpen
PySparkRun PySpark code in solidsOpen
Conditional ExecutionConditionally execute part of a pipelineOpen
Config MappingSimplify solid config schemas with config mapping.Open
dbt IntegrationUse dagster-dbt to integrate dbt projects with Dagster.Open
Dependency DSLCreate a custom DSL for defining pipelinesOpen
Docker DeploymentExample Docker DeploymentOpen
EMR PySparkRun a PySpark solids in EMROpen
Fan-In DependencyCreate a pipeline with a fan-in dependencyOpen
Great Expectations integrationUse Great Expectations to check data qualityOpen
HooksCreate a pipeline with hooksOpen
Kubernetes DeploymentDeploy Dagster on KubernetesOpen
Lakehouse (Experimental)Define a computation graph in terms of the tables it produces.Open
Lakehouse with Pandas and Pyspark (Experimental)Use the Lakehouse API with multiple compute types.Open
Multi-Location WorkspaceSetup a Dagster workspace with multiple locations.Open
No-Data DependenciesModeling dependencies without inputs and outputsOpen
Pipeline TagsTag a pipelineOpen
Pipeline Unit TestUnit-test a pipelineOpen