Fan-in Pipeline

You can find the code for this example on Github.

This pipeline demonstrates how to create a "fan-in" dependency, which is when a solid waits for a set of other solids to complete before continuing processing. In this example, sum_fan_in collects a list of SolidOutputHandles, one for each return_one solid, which are passed as a List[int] input to sum_fan_in.

In the case where the preceding solids are not of the same type, the SolidOutputHandles can be passed into the "fan-in" solid individually (instead of in a List).
from dagster import InputDefinition, List, OutputDefinition, pipeline, repository, solid

def return_one(_):
    return 1

@solid(input_defs=[InputDefinition("nums", List[int])], output_defs=[OutputDefinition(int)])
def sum_fan_in(_, nums):
    return sum(nums)

def fan_in_pipeline():
    fan_outs = []
    for i in range(0, 10):

def fan_in_pipeline_repository():
    return [fan_in_pipeline]

An example with configurable levels of fan-ins and fan-outs can be found here.

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curl | tar -xz --strip=2 dagster-master/examples/fan_in_pipeline
cd fan_in_pipeline