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Managing users in Dagster+#

This guide is applicable to Dagster+.

In this guide, we'll cover how to add and remove users in your Dagster+ organization.

Note: If utilizing SCIM provisioning, you'll need to manage users through your Identity Provider (IdP) instead of Dagster+.

Adding users#

Organization Admin or Admin permissions are required to add users in Dagster+.

Before you start, note that:

  • If SCIM provisioning is enabled, you'll need to add new users in your IdP. Adding users will be disabled in Dagster+.

  • If using Google for SSO, users must be added in Dagster+ before they can log in.

  • If using an Identity Provider (IdP) like Okta for SSO, users must be assigned to the Dagster app in the IdP to be able to log in to Dagster+. Refer to the SSO setup guides for setup instructions for each of our supported IdP solutions.

    By default, users will be granted Viewer permissions on each deployment. The default role can be adjusted by modifying the sso_default_role deployment setting.

  1. Sign in to your Dagster+ account.
  2. Click the user menu (your icon) > Organization Settings.
  3. Click the Users tab.
  4. Click Add new user.
  5. In the User email field, enter the user's email address.
  6. Click Add user. The user will be added to the list of users.

After the user is created, you can add the user to teams and assign user roles for each deployment.

Managing user permissions#

Organization Admin permissions are required to manage users in Dagster+.

After a user is created, the Manage user permissions window will automatically display. You can also access this window by clicking Edit next to a user in the users table.

Managing user teams and roles for a user in Dagster+

Adding users to teams#

Teams are a Dagster+ Pro feature.

Using the Teams field, you can add users to one or more teams. This is useful for centralizing permission sets for different types of users. Refer to the Managing teams guide for more info about creating and managing teams.

Adding a user to a team in the Dagster+ UI

Note: When determining a user's level of access, Dagster+ will use the most permissive role assigned to the user between all of their team memberships and any individual role grants. Refer to the Managing user roles and permissions guide for more info.

Assigning user roles#

In the Roles section, you can assign the select the appropriate user role for each deployment.

  1. Next to a deployment, click Edit user role.
  2. Select the user role for the deployment. This user role will be used as the default for all code locations in the deployment.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Pro only: To set permissions for individual code locations in a deployment:
    1. Click the toggle to the left of the deployment to open a list of code locations.
    2. Next to a code location, click Edit user role.
    3. Select the user role for the code location.
    4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat the previous steps for each deployment.
  6. Optional: To change the user's permissions for branch deployments:
    1. Next to All branch deployments, click Edit user role.
    2. Select the user role to use for all branch deployments.
    3. Click Save.
  7. Click Done.

Removing users#

Organization Admin permissions are required to remove users in Dagster+.

Removing a user removes them from the organization. Note: If using a SAML-based SSO solution like Okta, you'll also need to remove the user from the IdP. Removing the user in Dagster+ doesn't remove them from the IdP.

  1. Sign in to your Dagster+ account.
  2. Click the user menu (your icon) > Organization Settings.
  3. Click the Users tab.
  4. Locate the user in the user list.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Click Remove user.
  7. When prompted, confirm the removal.