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Tutorial: Next steps#

🎉 Congratulations! Having reached this far, you now have a working data pipeline.

What if you want to do more?

  • Data quality - Dagster provides ways to validate the data that your assets produce via asset checks, and if using Dagster+, receive alerts when problems are detected.
  • Partitioning assets - This tutorial covered assets whose entire contents get re-computed and overwritten with every materialization. When assets are large, it's common to partition them, so that each run only materializes a single partition.
  • Test your assets - This tutorial showed you how to materialize assets. To learn how to test them, check out the guide on testing assets.
  • Non-asset jobs - This tutorial showed you how to work with Dagster's primary building block, assets. However, sometimes you'll have tasks that don't produce assets. To learn how to execute tasks, check out the Intro to ops and jobs guide.