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Dagster Embedded ELT#

This feature is currently experimental.

The dagster-embedded-elt package provides a framework for building ELT pipelines with Dagster through helpful asset decorators and resources.

This package includes two implementations:

  1. Sling to provide a simple way to sync data between databases and file systems
  2. data Load Tool (dlt) to easily load data from external systems and APIs

We plan to add additional embedded ELT tool integrations in the future.


Sling provides an easy-to-use YAML configuration layer for loading data from files, replicating data between databases, exporting custom SQL queries to cloud storage, and much more. The Dagster integration allows you to derive Dagster assets from a replication configuration file.

Click here to get started with the Sling integration.


With the ability to leverage pre-made verified sources like Hubspot and Notion, and destinations like Databricks and Snowflake, integrating dlt into your Dagster project enables you to load a data in an easy and structured way.

Click here to get started with the dlt integration.