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Setting up Okta SSO for Dagster+#

This guide is applicable to Dagster+.

In this guide, you'll configure Okta to use single sign-on (SSO) with your Dagster+ organization.


To complete the steps in this guide, you'll need:

Step 1: Add the Dagster+ app in Okta#

  1. Sign in to your Okta Admin Dashboard.

  2. Using the sidebar, click Applications > Applications.

  3. On the Applications page, click Browse App Catalog.

    Okta Browse App Catalog
  4. On the Browse App Integration Catalog page, search for Dagster+:

    Okta App Integration Catalog
  5. Add and save the application.

Step 2: Configure SSO in Okta#

  1. In Okta, open the application and navigate to its General Settings.

  2. In the Subdomain field, enter your Dagster+ organization name. This is used to route the SAML response to the correct Dagster+ subdomain.

    In the following example, the organization name is hooli and our Dagster+ domain is To configure this correctly, we'd enter hooli into the Subdomain field:

    Okta Subdomain Configuration
  3. When finished, click Done.

Step 3: Upload the SAML metadata to Dagster+#

Next, you'll save and upload the application's SAML metadata to Dagster+. This will enable single sign-on.

  1. In Okta, navigate to the Dagster+ application.

  2. Navigate to Sign On.

  3. Click Identity Provider metadata to initiate a download. This will save the SAML metadata file to your computer.

    Okta Save Identity Provider Metadata
  4. After you've downloaded the SAML metadata file, upload it to Dagster+ using the dagster-cloud CLI:

    dagster-cloud organization settings saml upload-identity-provider-metadata <path/to/metadata> \
       --api-token=<user_token> \
       --url https://<organization_name>

Step 4: Grant access to users#

Next, you'll assign users to the Dagster+ application in Okta. This will allow them to log in using their Okta credentials when the single sign-on flow is initiated.

  1. In the Dagster+ application, navigate to Assignments.
  2. Click Assign > Assign to People.
  3. For each user you want to have access to Dagster+, click Assign then Save and Go Back.

Step 5: Test your SSO configuration#

Lastly, you'll test your SSO configuration:

Testing a service provider-initiated login#

  1. Navigate to your Dagster+ sign in page at https://<organization_name>

  2. Click the Sign in with SSO button.

  3. Initiate the login flow and address issues that arise, if any.

Testing an identity provider-initiated login#

In the Okta Applications page, click the Dagster+ icon:

Okta idP Login

If successful, you'll be automatically signed into your Dagster+ organization.