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Dagster+ authentication and user management#

In this guide, we'll cover Dagster+'s supported authentication methods and some resources for managing users in your organization.

Authentication methods#

Single Sign-on#

Dagster+ supports Single Sign-on (SSO) with the following providers:

  • Google. Users must be added in Dagster+ before they'll be able to log in using their Google accounts.
  • GitHub


To provide administrators with more control, Dagster+ also supports SAML authentication with the following Identity Providers (IdP):

Note: Users must be assigned to the Dagster app in the IdP to be able to log in to Dagster+. Refer to the setup guide for your IdP for more info.

SCIM provisioning#

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management specification (SCIM) is a standard designed to manage user identity information. When enabled in Dagster+ alongside SSO, SCIM allows you to efficiently and easily manage users in your IdP and sync their information to Dagster+.

User management and role-based access control#

Role-based access control (RBAC) enables you to grant specific permissions to users in your organization, ensuring that Dagster users have access to what they require in Dagster+, and no more.