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from abc import ABC, abstractmethod, abstractproperty

import pyrsistent
from import EventRecord
from dagster.core.execution.stats import (

class EventLogSequence(pyrsistent.CheckedPVector):
    __type__ = EventRecord

[docs]class EventLogStorage(ABC): """Abstract base class for storing structured event logs from pipeline runs. Note that event log storages using SQL databases as backing stores should implement :py:class:``. Users should not directly instantiate concrete subclasses of this class; they are instantiated by internal machinery when ``dagit`` and ``dagster-graphql`` load, based on the values in the ``dagster.yaml`` file in ``$DAGSTER_HOME``. Configuration of concrete subclasses of this class should be done by setting values in that file. """ @abstractmethod def get_logs_for_run(self, run_id, cursor=-1): """Get all of the logs corresponding to a run. Args: run_id (str): The id of the run for which to fetch logs. cursor (Optional[int]): Zero-indexed logs will be returned starting from cursor + 1, i.e., if cursor is -1, all logs will be returned. (default: -1) """ def get_stats_for_run(self, run_id): """Get a summary of events that have ocurred in a run.""" return build_run_stats_from_events(run_id, self.get_logs_for_run(run_id)) def get_step_stats_for_run(self, run_id, step_keys=None): """Get per-step stats for a pipeline run.""" logs = self.get_logs_for_run(run_id) if step_keys: logs = [ event for event in logs if event.is_dagster_event and event.dagster_event.step_key in step_keys ] return build_run_step_stats_from_events(run_id, logs) @abstractmethod def store_event(self, event): """Store an event corresponding to a pipeline run. Args: run_id (str): The id of the run that generated the event. event (EventRecord): The event to store. """ @abstractmethod def delete_events(self, run_id): """Remove events for a given run id""" @abstractmethod def upgrade(self): """This method should perform any schema migrations necessary to bring an out-of-date instance of the storage up to date. """ @abstractmethod def reindex(self, print_fn=lambda _: None, force=False): """Call this method to run any data migrations, reindexing to build summary tables.""" @abstractmethod def wipe(self): """Clear the log storage.""" @abstractmethod def watch(self, run_id, start_cursor, callback): """Call this method to start watching.""" @abstractmethod def end_watch(self, run_id, handler): """Call this method to stop watching.""" @abstractmethod def has_secondary_index(self, name, run_id=None): """Whether the secondary index for a given name is enabled.""" @abstractmethod def enable_secondary_index(self, name, run_id=None): """Call to enable the secondary index for a given name.""" @abstractproperty def is_persistent(self): """bool: Whether the storage is persistent.""" def dispose(self): """Explicit lifecycle management.""" @property def is_asset_aware(self): return isinstance(self, AssetAwareEventLogStorage) def optimize_for_dagit(self, statement_timeout): """Allows for optimizing database connection / use in the context of a long lived dagit process"""
class AssetAwareEventLogStorage(ABC): @abstractmethod def has_asset_key(self, asset_key): pass @abstractmethod def get_all_asset_keys(self, prefix_path=None): pass @abstractmethod def get_asset_events( self, asset_key, partitions=None, cursor=None, limit=None, ascending=False, include_cursor=False, ): pass @abstractmethod def get_asset_run_ids(self, asset_key): pass @abstractmethod def wipe_asset(self, asset_key): """Remove asset index history from event log for given asset_key"""