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from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

from dagster._core.instance import MayHaveInstanceWeakref, T_DagsterInstance

from .event_log.base import EventLogStorage
from .runs.base import RunStorage
from .schedules.base import ScheduleStorage

[docs]class DagsterStorage(ABC, MayHaveInstanceWeakref[T_DagsterInstance]): """Abstract base class for Dagster persistent storage, for reading and writing data for runs, events, and schedule/sensor state. Users should not directly instantiate concrete subclasses of this class; they are instantiated by internal machinery when ``dagster-webserver`` and ``dagster-daemon`` load, based on the values in the ``dagster.yaml`` file in ``$DAGSTER_HOME``. Configuration of concrete subclasses of this class should be done by setting values in that file. """ @property @abstractmethod def event_log_storage(self) -> EventLogStorage[T_DagsterInstance]: raise NotImplementedError() @property @abstractmethod def run_storage(self) -> RunStorage[T_DagsterInstance]: raise NotImplementedError() @property @abstractmethod def schedule_storage(self) -> ScheduleStorage[T_DagsterInstance]: raise NotImplementedError()