Snowflake with Pandas (dagster-snowflake-pandas)

This library provides an integration with the Snowflake data warehouse and Pandas data processing library.

To use this library, you should first ensure that you have an appropriate Snowflake user configured to access your data warehouse.

class dagster_snowflake_pandas.SnowflakePandasTypeHandler(*args, **kwds)[source]

Defines how to translate between slices of Snowflake tables and Pandas DataFrames.


from dagster_snowflake import build_snowflake_io_manager
from dagster_snowflake_pandas import SnowflakePandasTypeHandler

snowflake_io_manager = build_snowflake_io_manager([SnowflakePandasTypeHandler()])

@job(resource_defs={'io_manager': snowflake_io_manager})
def my_job():