PagerDuty (dagster-pagerduty)

This library provides an integration with PagerDuty, to support creating alerts from your Dagster code.

Presently, it provides a thin wrapper on the Events V2 API.

Getting Started

You can install this library with:

pip install dagster_pagerduty

To use this integration, you’ll first need to create a PagerDuty integration. There are instructions here for creating a new PagerDuty service & integration.

As noted in the PagerDuty documentation, you’ll find an integration key (also referred to as a “routing key”) on the Integrations tab for your new service. This key is used to authorize events created from the PagerDuty events API.

Once your service/integration is created, you can provision a PagerDuty resource and issue PagerDuty alerts from within your ops.

dagster_pagerduty.pagerduty_resource ResourceDefinition[source]

Config Schema:
routing_key (String)

The routing key provisions access to your PagerDuty service. You will need to include the integration key for your new integration, as a routing_key in the event payload.

A resource for posting events (alerts) to PagerDuty.


def pagerduty_op(context):
        summary='alert from dagster'

@job(resource_defs={ 'pagerduty': pagerduty_resource })
def pagerduty_test():

        "resources": {
            'pagerduty': {'config': {'routing_key': '0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef'}}