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MLflow (dagster-mlflow)

dagster_mlflow.mlflow_tracking ResourceDefinition[source]

Config Schema:
experiment_name (dagster.StringSource):

MlFlow experiment name.

mlflow_tracking_uri (Union[dagster.StringSource, None], optional):

MlFlow tracking server uri.

Default Value: None

parent_run_id (Union[String, None], optional):

Mlflow run ID of parent run if this is a nested run.

Default Value: None

env (permissive dict, optional):

Environment variables for mlflow setup.

Default Value:
env_to_tag (Union[List[Any], None], optional):

List of environment variables to log as tags in mlflow.

Default Value: None

extra_tags (permissive dict, optional):

Any extra key-value tags to log to mlflow.

Default Value:

This resource initializes an MLflow run that’s used for all steps within a Dagster run.

This resource provides access to all of mlflow’s methods as well as the mlflow tracking client’s methods.


  1. Add the mlflow resource to any ops in which you want to invoke mlflow tracking APIs.

  2. Add the end_mlflow_on_run_finished hook to your job to end the MLflow run when the Dagster run is finished.


from dagster_mlflow import end_mlflow_on_run_finished, mlflow_tracking

def mlflow_op(context):

@job(resource_defs={"mlflow": mlflow_tracking})
def mlf_example():

# example using an mlflow instance with s3 storage
    "resources": {
        "mlflow": {
            "config": {
                "experiment_name": my_experiment,
                "mlflow_tracking_uri": "http://localhost:5000",

                # if want to run a nested run, provide parent_run_id
                "parent_run_id": an_existing_mlflow_run_id,

                # env variables to pass to mlflow
                "env": {
                    "MLFLOW_S3_ENDPOINT_URL": my_s3_endpoint,
                    "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID": my_aws_key_id,
                    "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY": my_secret,

                # env variables you want to log as mlflow tags
                "env_to_tag": ["DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG"],

                # key-value tags to add to your experiment
                "extra_tags": {"super": "experiment"},
dagster_mlflow.end_mlflow_on_run_finished HookDefinition