Pipeline Tags

You can find the code for this example on Github.

A Dagster pipeline can be annotated with tags, which contains arbitrary metadata for any execution run of the pipeline. Tag values that are not strings will be json encoded and must meet the criteria that json.loads(json.dumps(value)) == value. In this example, we have a pipeline my_pipeline that contains tags={'owner': 'ml_team'}.

Previous Pipeline Runs are searchable by tags, which are stored on the Pipeline Run in the Run Storage. To search previous Pipeline Runs in Dagit, navigate to the Runs tab and enter the filter tag:owner=ml_team.

Tag values can be overwritten at pipeline invocation time. To try this in Dagit, navigate to Playground tab and click Edit Tags to modify tags for that run.

As an aside, during the execution of the pipeline, tags can be accessed from the context of the solid (as seen in get_tag) although it is not recommended to use tags to drive logic.

from dagster import PresetDefinition, pipeline, repository, solid

def get_tag(context):
    owner = context.pipeline_run.tags.get("owner")
    context.log.info("owner is {}".format(owner))
    return owner

    tags={"owner": "ml_team", "source": "pipeline"},
    preset_defs=[PresetDefinition("tag_preset", tags={"oncall": "ml_team", "source": "preset"})],
def tags_pipeline():

def pipeline_tags_example():
    return [tags_pipeline]

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curl https://codeload.github.com/dagster-io/dagster/tar.gz/master | tar -xz --strip=2 dagster-master/examples/pipeline_tags
cd pipeline_tags