Dagster Cloud authentication and user management#

In this guide, we'll cover Dagster Cloud's supported authentication methods and some resources for managing users in your organization.

Authentication methods#

Single Sign-on#

Dagster Cloud supports Single Sign-on (SSO) with the following providers:


To provide administrators with more control, Dagster Cloud also supports SAML authentication with the following Identity Providers (IdP):

Note: Users must be assigned to the Dagster app in the IdP to be able to log in to Dagster Cloud. Refer to the setup guide for your IdP for more info.

SCIM provisioning#

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management specification (SCIM) is a standard designed to manage user identity information. When enabled in Dagster Cloud alongside SSO, SCIM allows you to efficiently and easily manage users in your IdP and sync their information to Dagster Cloud.

User management and role-based access control#

Role-based access control (RBAC) enables you to grant specific permissions to users in your organization, ensuring that Dagster users have access to what they require in Dagster Cloud, and no more.