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Papertrail (dagster-papertrail)

This library provides an integration with Papertrail for logging.

You can easily set up your Dagster job to log to Papertrail. You’ll need an active Papertrail account, and have your papertrail URL and port handy.

dagster_papertrail.papertrail_logger LoggerDefinition

Core class for defining loggers.

Loggers are job-scoped logging handlers, which will be automatically invoked whenever dagster messages are logged from within a job.

  • logger_fn (Callable[[InitLoggerContext], logging.Logger]) – User-provided function to instantiate the logger. This logger will be automatically invoked whenever the methods on context.log are called from within job compute logic.

  • config_schema (Optional[ConfigSchema]) – The schema for the config. Configuration data available in init_context.logger_config. If not set, Dagster will accept any config provided.

  • description (Optional[str]) – A human-readable description of this logger.