Dynamic Graphs (Experimental)

class dagster.experimental.DynamicOutputDefinition(dagster_type=None, name=None, description=None, is_required=None, io_manager_key=None, metadata=None)[source]

(EXPERIMENTAL) Variant of OutputDefinition for an output that will dynamically alter the graph at runtime. Each copy of DynamicOutput corresponding to this definition that is yielded from the solid will create a copy of the downstream graph.

class dagster.experimental.DynamicOutput[source]

(Experimental) Variant of Output used to support mapping. Each DynamicOutput produced by a solid will result in the downstream dag being cloned to run on that individual value. Each DynamicOutput must have a unique mapping_key to distinguish it.

  • value (Any) – The value returned by the compute function.

  • mapping_key (str) – The key that uniquely identifies this dynamic value relative to its peers.

  • output_name (Optional[str]) – Name of the corresponding output definition. (default: “result”)