Core packages

Dagster is a highly componentized system built around a few core packages:


Contains the core programming model, which you'll use to write solids, pipelines, and all the other components of a data application, as well as the dagster CLI tool for executing and managing pipelines. Every Dagster project starts here and will import from the public API of this library.


Our GUI tool for visualizing, testing, scheduling, running, and monitoring Dagster pipelines, written against the GraphQL API. You'll use Dagit locally to develop and monitor pipelines, as well as in production for long-running deployments.


Defines a GraphQL API for executing pipelines and includes a CLI tool for executing queries against the API. Users will typically not make imports from this package, but tools like Dagit, integrations like dagster-airflow, and some containerization strategies are all built on the GraphQL API. Most users should not install this package directly